Welcome to your replay library - here you will find all of the replays of the Thrive Info Calls.

Learn about how we are using frequency, business, and community to support us THRIVE.

In these calls we’ll share about this incredible cutting-edge frequency device, Healy, and how by working at the cellular and bioenergetic levels it helps to support our total vitality - physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. 

If after watching these Info Calls you feel called to apply to the Thrive Immersion, you can apply below.

Call 1-Wednesday 27th September  

10am PST / 6pm UK

Hosted by Sarah Blackah, Jessica Hesser & Jana Roemer

Tune into the replay from Call 1



Call 2-Wednesday 4th October  

11am UK / 6pm Bali 

Hosted by Arihia Sun, Mark Bentley, Kim Mellor

Tune into the replay from Call 2



Call 3-Wednesday 4th October  

10am PST / 6pm UK

Hosted by Jessica Hesser, Jana Roemer, Karen Louise

Tune into the replay from Call 3



Call 4-Wednesday 11th October  

11am UK / 6pm Bali

Hosted by Sarah Blackah, Max Glueckner, Sarah Jane Perman

Tune into the replay from Call 4



Call 5-Wednesday 11th October  

10am PST / 6pm UK

Hosted by Rochelle Hubbard, Demetra Penner, Aga Werner

Tune into the replay from Call 5