An 88 day mastery level coaching container to bring your freedom frequency to life.


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Are you ready to take a quantum leap into a new financial paradigm?

Do you know deep down that now is the time to create leverage in your life, and leave the limitations of the dollar per hour model?

Are you excited to work in community and collaboration and receive beautiful mentorship and support in your business?

Are you committed to building additional income streams into your world?

If you’re ready to do things in a different way; to fully inhabit and express your gifts and your essence, and to have the financial support to do so, you’re in the right place.


Welcome to 88 Days to Quantum Leap


We are a business community committed to personal and collective financial liberation.

In service to this we have created a unique and powerful process woven with frequency, leverage and community to bring through powerful growth growth in a concentrated period of time. 

The 88 days is a proven, turn key coaching container that will provide you with tools, resources and support to bring in an additional income stream by bringing groundbreaking frequency technology into the world. 

This is a curated collaborative experience that weaves together feminine energetics (frequency, intuition) with masculine structure & strategy (a proven business model & leveraged income streams) to bring your deepest desires & visions to life. 

We will teach you the structures & skills require to achieve your financial goals, and support your personal creative genius and unique leadership style to shine through.

You will be closely guided by a tight knit community of mentors who have walked the path from limitation to one of creating beautiful freedom lifestyles.

Our community is filled with beautiful, high caliber humans here committed to transformation, to creating a positive impact in the world, and to experiencing financial growth in a nourishing, easeful and aligned way. Whatever your background, and whatever your vision for the future, we are excited to welcome you into our space.



What's included

- Weekly live Zooms for mastery level coaching and transmissions. Dive deep into skill building, leadership development, wealth mastery and mindset growth.

A powerful community based accountability space for connection, sharing and going deeper into the information we cover together.

- Personalized support through your lineage and the person you choose to enroll through.

- Proven, simple systems to leverage your time and experience growth with ease and efficiency.

- A curated, printable workbook to walk you through every step of the journey with beauty. 

A second weekly Zoom for the wider community, and guests, where we deepen our visions and intentions, share stories, and go over basic strategy and flow.

- An invitation to get your ticket and join us in person in Portugal this June! Over 200 of us will gather to deepen and elevate together. 

What to expect

- Receive accountability and support as you lean into the discomfort along the path to expansion.

- Learn how to powerfully focus on your end results without burning out.

- Transform your relationship with wealth and money and open your channels to receiving.

- Lean into visibility and uplevel your online presence through magnetic social media trainings. 

- See how you have been holding yourself back and how to gracefully shift into new ways of being.

- Connect deeply with a community of people who are in alignment with your vision and values.

- Emotional and energetic frequency upgrades to align you with creating true freedom and prosperity.

- Experience new levels of joy, connection, and FUN in business.


How do I join you?


Getting started with our 88 days is easy! This is a free offering that we provide to anyone who is part of our Healy business community through the Freedom Frequency lineage.

If you would like to join us, reach back to the person who shared this with you. They will help you purchase your Healy. You will get an affiliate link that allows you to create income by sharing the device, and access to all of the resources we offer. 

Our recommendation for anyone who is coming into this pace excited to create income is to purchase either the resonance plus, or professional model. The best possible way to set yourself up is with the current bundle sale of the Mag Healy, which includes a resonance plus for free. You will get the personal support of our most powerful products, and will set you up with the knowledge and experience to be able to share them both.

Once you have purchased your Healy, let your mentor know you would like the application to join the 88 days. It is a simple and important part of the accountability process for the next 88 days. We want to get to know you a little better before we begin, and make sure that everyone who is starting this process is excited to receive a powerful and concentrated level of training.


What is Healy?

Healy is a bioresonance frequency device that is lightweight, wearable, and helps bridge the gap between science and spirituality. It's the evolution of wellness, biohacking, and frequency medicine.

Frequencies are the language of the universe and how your body, mind and soul communicate.

Join us in 88 Days to Quantum Leap

Access highly structured leadership calls and a private community space where you will access the tools, knowledge and support to help catapult you to the next level.

88 Days to Quantum Leap is a proven system and community of high-expert guidance including mentoring calls, frameworks and proven systems.

Are you ready to create your path to success and walk with those who have already walked the path to quantum success?

This container is for you if you’re ready to invest energetically in your next level of business and income.

We’ll be there with you every step of the way.



"My creativity began to flow in a whole new way. I started to feel the most beautiful coherence with the Universe, the embodied knowing of being, living, serving and creating truly in harmony with my Soul.

Eternally grateful for having said “yes” half a year ago, and so so so excited because this right here, this is just a beginning."


"My experience with the 88 day container was potent. We have such a wealth of knowledge in the leadership within this community. I believe we are embarking on a new time where it is essential to diversify our skill sets for a new age, and this container delivers on that."



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